Prevent Our Vic Street From Crime

Prevent Our Vic Street From Crime

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


Interview of Mr Poh Hu Li - be careful about your children's safety in this area!

Poh Hu Li(alias) witnessed a crime in car park, where a schoolboy was beaten up by a gang of 4 other older boys last week. We interviewed him about the crime today.

Q1:When did it happen?

Poh:The Evening of Monday last week.

Q2:Where did it happen?

Poh:It happened in a park where was quite quiet.

Q3:What happened there?

Poh:A schoolboy was beaten up by a gang of 4 other older boys.

Q4:What did you hear when it happened?

Poh:The older boys said 'Give me your money' or something like that.

Q5:Did you do anything when you saw that?

Poh:I called the police immediately.

Q6:Did you go there to stop them?

Poh:Er...I didn't because I was afraid of being beaten.

Q7:What do you want to say to our audiences?

Poh:I hope the society could do something to stop the crime.

There are a map to show the location of the event. We hope that you can inform your children about the event and the location just in case.


I have received an email from one neighbour called Jon Yen (alias) in our community, Vic Stress on FRI 20 Oct 2009 12:03PM.

He said that when he was parking car at Blk 10 level 3 multi-storey car park, he saw all these cars are sprayed with paint and scratched by some terrible people. There is a picture below.

I hope that all our neighbours will warn them that vandals are around and making trouble for us!!

At last but not the least, hope everyone can be on the lookout for each other and inform suspicious characters in our neighbourhoods.

Thank for your cooperation.